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Why travel with Sherlock Tours?


Your trip is planned from the perspective of an educator with 40+ years of experience planning tours for students with safety as the paramount issue.  Not just another travel agent!


Custom, comprehensive, detailed trip booklet solving every possible scenario for you.

You will get the best price for good food, beautiful accommodations, and superior attention to detail! 

Perform in Universal Studios or Disney World in Orlando for only $389 plus your bus transportation cost!

Travel with me, and your vacation is FREE! - the group leader will receive one room for two nights to check out your hotel before your trip (with your first deposit, minimum $1,000 per 50 people)

Ronnie C. Sherlock
Owner, Sherlock Tours



Posted by: Ronnie Sherlock - 10/14/13 @ 12:59AM
If you are not traveling with me this year, and you do refer me a trip that does, for ONE bus (40 minimum) I can still send you to Florida for two nights in a hotel for free, just for helping me! ANY bus group, senior trip etc. to Florida or...

Posted by: Ronnie Sherlock - 10/06/13 @ 10:34PM
 For the few of you I could not get to see last week, I wanted to say thank you for the many teachers I made friends with like me, teaching Band, Choir & Orchestra, just talking shop.

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